Keeping Your Money Transfer Simple

It's our job to make shipping simple for you

GT INTERNATIONAL LOGISTICS have partnered with XE Money Transfer to offer bank beating exchange rates to our clients. We have used XE Money Transfer for many years and know they are safe, secure and very competitive.

Trusted by over 350 million people a year, XE is the worlds most trusted brand in FX. While most people use their bank, getting a quote on your FX is simple and can save you thousands.

They have a simple registration process and once you are set up you can request a quote online 24/7.

Contact our Account Manager Andrew Bradley at XE Money Transfer and ask for a quote at any time.

Freephone: 0800 39 44 39
Tel: +64 9 306 3705

Rate Comparison

We recently compared XE Money Transfer exchange rate with three major retail banks for a $400,000 AUD/NZD transfer. No fees and a sharper exchange rate equate to significant cost savings for an XE Money Transfer client, typically NZ$13,520 – NZ$19,320 better off than the major banks.
This comparison was made at 11:50am NZT 21/02/2019