Automotive Shipping

Car Shipping is What we Specialise In

It doesn’t matter if it’s a tiny Fiat Bambina, a giant Winnebago camper or a high performance racing car, GT International Logistics will look after every aspect of your motor vehicle shipping needs.

As international freight specialists, we ship automobiles of all types and sizes to and from most destinations around the globe. So if you need to import or export a classic vehicle, send a truck abroad, or simply ship your family car overseas, get in touch with us now.

And if your shipping requirements are motorsport related – whether a one-off sale or purchase or an event you have to attend – we are the experts you need to get the job done.

We have detailed knowledge of the regulations different countries have in place regarding importing and exporting motor vehicles, and can help you with practical matters such as the cleaning of your vehicle prior to shipment.

we are the experts you need to get the job done

If you need to send personal belongings along with your vehicle, let us know and we will arrange the most economical solution for you. Remember, while GT International Logistics specialises in automotive shipping, we are a full-service international freight company.

You should also talk to us in advance about shipping costs if you are thinking about purchasing a vehicle abroad, and we can also advise on the economic feasability of shipping motor cars internationally.

I can't thank you enough for the job you guys did, your professionalism and easy approachability made you perfect to trust with my van. I've since recommended you to other car enthusiasts looking at getting vehicles imported from New Zealand.
Mr R. Burns